‚ÄčThe simple elegance of classic jewels


Mountwarren Classics Range

All the Mountwarren Classics Range of fine jewellery is made in the UK.  Many of our pieces are inspired by the English Edwardian Period, the Belle Epoch style and Art Deco jewellery. The term vintage style jewellery would describe a large proportion of our jewellery designs.

We have a good selection of pearl and diamond earrings together with matching pearl and diamond pendants which are very suitable for bridal jewellery.

We are proud to be keeping alive the fine tradition of English craftsmanship in jewellery making and jewellery design.

When you wear our unique pieces of fine jewellery not only will you feel the elegance and allure of the period styles but you will also be keeping alive the heritage and tradition of fine craftsmanship in jewellery.

We do not restrict ourselves to vintage style jewellery, we also make contemporary pieces which will be appearing in due course on our website.


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